Small Animal Insect Shampoo – 125ml – pack of 6

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Mild and non-irritant with natural pyrethrum.
Kills mites, lice and fleas on rabbits, guinea pigs etc.

This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with Schedule 6 of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations – Exemptions for small pet animals.

1 review for K020
Small Animal Insect Shampoo – 125ml – pack of 6

  1. charlie

    Only safe product I’ve found to help wash and treat bad infestation of fleas of poor house bunnies from dog. After gradually getting poor bun used to a careful shallow wash. Does them no harm and has been last resort when all else has failed to help give them relief and treat them to nearly rid as has been difficult to find suitable safe treatment for multiple closely bonded buns when treating. Only issue cant find any one anywhere who sell it and is only thing that works. Drops etc just don’t.

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