About Johnson's

From its earliest beginnings in 1921, Johnson’s has had a reputation for the innovating and marketing leading products.

The Johnsons Timeline

This reputation still holds true today, with many new products still being introduced into the ever expanding pet care market. Johnson’s has made huge investments in marketing and advertising since the beginning of the new millennium and is now regarded as the dominant force in pet health products available in pet shops and garden centres.


Johnson’s started life in 1921 as Johnson Brothers, Poultry Specialists; manufacturing products aimed at the increasingly popular poultry breeding market. 


Over the next 30 years, Johnson’s expanded its product range to cater for both the popular cage bird and fledgling pet care market for dogs and cats. 

Late 50s

In the late 50’s Johnson’s moved to a purpose built manufacturing and distribution centre in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, still its present home. Here it produced the first of many insecticidal products designed to cope with the increasing demand for over-the-counter pet care products. 

The range has now expanded to around 320 products ranging from Pigeon Tonic (where it all started) to the very latest in flea control – 4fleas tablets, the mainstay of the exclusive 4fleas range.


Cartoon advertisements created:


2005 was a momentous year for Johnson’s with the 
screening of their first TV commercial:

The Future

We are, and always have been a family company. Family is at our heart of what we do and that means that we intend to continue to care for you and your pets. We assure that our products are of a fantastic quality, always affordable, and accessible to all. 

Our pets are family too, and for us, that means when you need quality pet healthcare and veterinary products, we need to be there providing it affordably.

You can find Johnson’s products almost anywhere you go across Europe. 

Our pets are our friends, our companions, our colleagues, our fur babies, our family. They deserve the very best care and we will seek to deliver our products to whomever needs them. 

We will continue to be an innovative and family orientated company and would like to extend this to you. Welcome to the Johnson’s family. 

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France