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Don’t leave me!

Due to the current Covid situation, an awful lot of pet owners have been spending more time than usual at home. This has been great for our pets, with many of them getting more exercise and company than they would normally, however, with people starting to return to work, this can be particularly distressing for our furry companions!

Take Evie, my Schnoodle (she’s a miniature schnauzer x miniature poodle!). She is a very loving and affectionate dog and, on the whole, very well behaved, (we will gloss over the early years when she found the need to redecorate the kitchen – several times!). During the current crisis, I have been working more from home, much to her delight! She has thoroughly enjoyed the extra attention! However, I have noticed her behaviour has changed dramatically since I have been going into the office more.

The dogs always go into the garden last thing at night, and they usually come in and curl up on their beds, however, Evie has become very clingy, she knows that I will be going to bed, so she has taken to going into the garden and hiding! When I eventually get her in, she cries and throws herself at the door! She takes a lot of convincing that she needs her beauty sleep too!
In the morning, as I am gathering my stuff to head out to the office, she decides that she desperately needs to go into the garden, I let her out, then spend 10 minutes trying to find her as she has hidden again!
Once I return, she is very excitable, even if I go to the local shop, when I return after 20 minutes or so, it is as if I have been missing a week!
These are classic symptoms of separation anxiety.
Evie is now in training (again!). I am venturing out for short periods, then I reassure her when I return. So far, she is adjusting a little and hopefully, over time, she will get back into her old routine of relaxing and sleeping when I am not there. Fingers crossed!

“When was the last time someone was so overjoyed to see you, so brimming with love and affection that they literally ran to greet you? A dog will do that for you – ten, twenty, thirty times a day.”
Lionel Fisher

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