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Pets and Our Children


Here at Johnson’s we are pet owners ourselves and strongly believe in the benefits that our children get from owning a pet;

On a personal note, I have been watching my grandchildren with some of my pets, and have noticed the way they interact with them – they get a great deal of joy and comfort from them, for instance –
Meet Alfie (my horse)! My grandson insists on helping me at the yard every weekend and quite often (as in the photograph), has quite a long chat with Alfie. In this instance, he was discussing whether Alfie would like a costume so he can become a jousting horse! I am told that Alfie agrees, (not bad for a flighty thoroughbred!).

Then there is Nacho! She is quite a ferocious chihuahua and VERY vocal! However, when my granddaughter stays, Nacho turns into the perfect childminder and refuses to leave her post until my granddaughter has fallen asleep!

Pets can also teach our children responsibility. Pets need to be walked regularly, groomed and, in some cases, there is a hutch to clean!

Pets can help to keep us healthy! A nice long walk with your dog is something that the whole family can enjoy and get out and about in the fresh air!

Pets can help with learning. It has been recognised that animals can be used as a form of therapy, especially with children with learning difficulties. This is why, one of our main charities is Dogs Helping Kids, have a look at their website and see the wonderful things they do
There have been many surveys on this subject, one of which, conducted in 2015 by Pets at Home, found that 58% of owners believed that their child had become more responsible since having a pet. It also found that 66% of pet owners believed that their child has shown an improvement since owning a pet! (

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