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Preparing for Bonfire Night!

As winter approaches, this brings new challenges for our pets, Bonfire Night can strike fear into the heart of pet owners when thinking about how best to prepare our beloved companions for the stressful times ahead.

My own dogs shake and tremble when they hear loud noises, thunder will have them panting and barking, so you can imagine how they behave when the fireworks start!  The RSPCA claims that around 45% of dogs are frightened by the loud bangs and flashes from fireworks!

It is a good idea to think well ahead so that you can help your dog – make sure they have a walk during the daylight hours, avoiding times when fireworks are likely.  Create a safe space in the home where your dog can seek comfort (my lap is the only safe place for mine!)  Make sure the television is on, or music, to help mask the noise, and close all the curtains!

The same rules apply for our cats – where possible, keep them indoors so that they can find a quiet place to hide.

We have an excellent product that can help!  Our Calm-Eze Tablets for cats and dogs contain natural ingredients, ideal for times of stress!   I can personally vouch for these as they really help to soothe my dogs.  And don’t forget that fireworks are not just for Bonfire night!  Nowadays, fireworks are used throughout the Winter for lots of celebrations right through to New Year’s Eve!


Don’t forget the other animals too! 

Small animals that live outside will need extra bedding so they can burrow down, it may be worth considering moving them indoors during this time if this is possible.

Horses kept out need consideration, if there is a firework display planned close to the field, try to find alternative accommodation for them during these frightening times.

Finally ……

Always check any bonfire for nesting hedgehogs!  The British Hedgehog Preservation Society estimates that hundreds of our declining hedgehog population are killed every year in bonfires!

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